Replacement Sponges for Back Applicator Deluxe: Huge 20 Pack! Stick Sponge Onto Handle to Put Lotion, Medical Cream, Aloe Vera Gel, Health Supplies & Medicine on Your Body, Feet. Easy Application Tool

  • DOES APPLYING SUNSCREEN ON YOUR BACK OR FOOT REMIND YOU OF TRIGONOMETRY LESSONS? Yes, it’s hard to do it alone, unless you get a pack of Thermalabs replacement sponges for Back Applicator Deluxe to aid you with your skin care daily routine. With this one pack in your kit, you won’t need anyone but yourself to apply beauty creams at home or a sun tan protective cream at the beach
  • APPLY SUNLESS TANNER AND OTHER LOTIONS ON YOUR OWN WITH TWO KINDS OF SPONGES FOR FLAWLESS COVER! YOU WON’T NEED YOUR BUDDY TO HELP YOU! Our pack includes 10 orange hydra loofahs and 10 black velour pads. The hydra loofah absorbs little amount of lotion so there’s no waste. It is firm and suitable to apply a cream. The velour pad is thin and absorbs even less lotion. It is softer and is suitable for applying lotion or powder.
  • GOT SENSITIVE SKIN? THERMALABS ANTI-ITCH SPONGES HAVE A NICE FEEL ON YOUR SKIN. If you have been betrayed by your old sponges and ended up with rough and scratchy pieces then you will be really amazed at the quality of these soft and smooth sponges. They will rub your skin so gently it’ll feel like butter. You will feel pampered with these skin friendly sponges! You can now reach any part of your body easily and enjoyably
  • ONE PACKAGE OF THESE DURABLE SPONGES IS ENOUGH SUPPLY FOR MONTHS. This pack of 20 will last for a very long time if you follow these simple steps: remove the existing sponges from the applicator device under warm water and allow the back applicator to COMPLETELY DRY. Give it at least 24 hours in a dry environment, and then apply the new sponge. Wait an hour for the sponges to be firmly attached before using them. This will keep the sponges last much longer
  • NEVER BEEN OFFERED REPLACEABLE SPONGES? WE DO, WITH A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND A COOL FREE BONUS: We are the only company to offer you replaceable sponges for a back applicator with a free bonus of a beautiful velvet pouch, perfect for travel! This is what you have been waiting for. Carry it to a local beach or on a vacation. Your satisfaction is our desire and if we fail you in that, we will REFUND YOU IN FULL. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have!

Make your lotion application easier and hassle-free!

How challenging is applying lotions on your back or other unreachable parts of your body?

Most of us have to attempt endless contorted positions trying our best to reach all the difficult bits of our back, and no matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible not to miss a spot.

Ever experienced that frustrating feeling of applying self tanning products or other gels, creams and lotions on your own where full coverage is a must to ensure perfect results? With a self tanner it is crucial: body areas that can be reached by hand will definitely obtain an even and well-massaged tan while other areas such as your back might receive an uneven tan. So what can you do? Ask for someone’s help every time you want to self-tan?


Forget all that hassle! What you need is a back applicator, and a supply of replacement sponges of the best quality, by Thermalabs.

The sponges are designed to softly, smoothly and evenly spread any lotion on your body. So you can keep your peace of mind – no spots will be missed! If you are self-tanning – your tan will turn out looking natural and sexy!

Thermalabs Replacement sponges are so easy to use! Just remove the existing sponges from the applicator handle under warm water and allow the back applicator to COMPLETELY DRY for at least 24 hours. Then apply the new sponges. Wait an hour for the sponges to be firmly attached before using them.

It is the ideal solution for you! So what are you waiting for? Don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself!

Click ‘Add to Cart’ NOW and get ready for a whole new hassle-free experience!

Precio: EUR 10,00

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