Swanson Vitamin K Cream (59ml)

Swanson Vitamin K Cream (59ml)

Vitamin K is a naturally occurring vitamin that is contained in green plants. As an adaptable product, Vitamin K can be used in many forms but in this case a cream formula will allow you to apply the nourishing vitamin directly to the places where your skin needs it most. Created with 97% natural product base, and containing United States Pharmacopia standard Vitamin K, Swanson provides a nutritious cream that is a reassuringly safe and easily absorbed formed replica.

Swanson Vitamin K cream combines the goodness of aloe vera, cocoa butter and other essential oils to create a rich and nutritious skin cream. Buying this paraben free product also gives you the benefit of a skin cream that is free from chemical preservatives, enriching your all-natural health experience.

Skin cream with Vitamin K is commonly used to support and maintain the smoothness and suppleness of skin across many areas of the body.

Precio: EUR 4,58

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