Udderly Smooth – Loción de cuerpo y manos con Aloe Vera

Udderly Smooth – Loción de cuerpo y manos con Aloe Vera

To create Udderly Smooth hand & body lotion, we took the best of Udderly Smooth Udder cream and added aloe vera gel, vitamin E and a new, exciting botanical fragrance to make a new favourite for those who like feeling Udderly Smooth with a daily moisturiser. This is a thinner product to other Udderly Smooth creams and is ideal for those looking for a greaseless and stainless body lotion. Udderly Smooth creams have, in recent years, become more popular with the general public. They use Udderly Smooth as an everyday multi-purpose beauty aid due to its rich moisturising ingredients and performance in softening dry, thirsty skin. Manufactured by Redex in the USA as the original Udder Cream available on the market, Udderly Smooth is now taking the UK by storm. As featured at the 2008 Clothes Show Live–and in magazines such as Bliss, Prima, Fate & Fortune, Health & Fitness, Daily Star Sunday, Zest, Full House, Take a Break, The World of Cross Stitching, Simply Knitting, reFresh, EasyJet magazine, Classic Stitches, CNN, Farmers Monthly, Country Life, Country Market, Practical Boat Owner and Chat. Not only does Udderly Smooth’s unique, kitsch and quirky packaging make the range excellent as a gift, the cream’s unique greaseless and stainless qualities also make it stand out from other everyday moisturisers on the market.

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