Urtekram – Crema Corporal Aloe Vera Urtekram, 245ml

Urtekram – Crema Corporal Aloe Vera Urtekram, 245ml

  • Easy to apply
  • This body lotion is recommended for all skin types
  • Light as well as long-lasting
  • Combined with the citrus-seed scent
  • The natural softening properties of organic apricot kernel oil and aloe vera

Urtekrams nourishing body lotion is light as well as long-lasting and easy to apply. The natural scent comes from herbal extracts and essential oils. Aloe vera moisturising and refreshing. We also add coconut oil and apricot seed oil as additional pampering for your daily butter for your skin. This product is organic and is vegan.

Precio: EUR 8,05

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