‘Johnsons Kids Holiday Sun baño Mini Neceser Bolsa de viaje – Shampoo Wash Sol Toallitas dentales

  • Johnson`s Baby Shampoo 100ml
  • Johnson`s Baby Soft Wash 50ml
  • Nivea Sun Kids SPF 50 Sun Lotion 50ml
  • Colgate Kids Toothpaste 50ml & Folded Hygenically Sealed Toothbrush
  • Carex Refreshing Wipes & 4 Cotton Buds

Specially packed with all the essential Kids Travel Sun Wash Bag, our Children Toiletry Bags are perfect for the everyday use as well as for holidays or short trips. With conveniently sized Mini Baby Toiletries, this Baby Toiletry Set makes travelling easier and more enjoyable for both Mums and Kids. Kids Sun Toiletry Bag is the is the ideal solution for all your Child Toiletries needs.

Precio: EUR 16,30

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